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Læs dyrlæge Søren Nielsens opsigtsvækkende indlæg

Progress in the Basic and Clinical Studies in the

Reversal of Drug Resistance.

Thursday 19 September 2013

at 9.00–19.00

A Symposium on the occasion of the

70th  birthday of

 Dr. Jette Elisabeth Kristiansen

35 years in Paul Ehrlich’s footsteps

”There is no doubt about it: We are really able to reverse resistance using modern methylene blue derivatives”

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Reversering af resistens

(Reversal of Resistance)

Non-antibiotika i behandlingen af infektions-sygdomme forårsaget af følsomme og resistente mikro- organismer hos mennesker og dyr.

Læs artiklen [HER]( Danish)

 Resistente bakterier kan blive følsomme igen ( d. 14.12.2012 ) 

af Dyrlæge Søren Nielsen, Svendborg. Læs artiklen[HER] (Danish)


  • Professor Sujata Ghosh Dastidar, Ph.D

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Functional mining of transporters using synthetic selections


Authors: Hans J Genee,Anne P Bali,Søren D Petersen,Solvej Siedler,Mads T Bonde,Luisa S Gronenberg,Mette Kristensen,Scott J Harrison& Morten O A Sommer



Only 25% of bacterial membrane transporters have functional annotation owing to the difficulty of experimental study and of accurate prediction of their function. Here we report a sequence-independent method for high-throughput mining of novel transporters. The method is based on ligand-responsive biosensor systems that enable selective growth of cells only if they encode a ligand-specific importer. We developed such a synthetic selection system for thiamine pyrophosphate and mined soil and gut metagenomes for thiamine-uptake functions. We identified several members of a novel class of thiamine transporters, PnuT, which is widely distributed across multiple bacterial phyla. We demonstrate that with modular replacement of the biosensor, we could expand our method to xanthine and identify xanthine permeases from gut and soil metagenomes. Our results demonstrate how synthetic-biology approaches can effectively be deployed to functionally mine metagenomes and elucidate sequence–function relationships of small-molecule transport systems in bacteria.


Antimicrobial Effects of selected Non-antibiotics

on Sensitivity and Invasion of Gram-positive Bacteria PhD-Thesis by Oliver Hendrics, University of Southern

Denmark, 2006


Modification and Reversal of Resistance in Micro-organisms with Selected Non-antibiotics and their Stereoisomeric Analogs: New Efflux Inhibitors?

Jette E. Kristiansen1, Oliver Hendricks1, Thomas Delvin2, Trine S. Butterworth1 & Jørn B. Christensen3.

The in-vitro antimicrobial effect of non-antibioticsand putative inhibitors of efflux pumps on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus

O. Hendricks, T. S. Butterworth and J. E. Kristiansen

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